Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Some pics of the Sweeney Rooms decorated

Today I finished the wallpapering in all the rooms.
Heres some pics, the walls and roof all need tacking into place so excuse the gaps around the sides, its just wedged in at the mo to see the look of the rooms.
I stuck the 2 floors together with the seperating wall between the living /parlour room and the 'Meat preperation room' which Mrs Lovett had adapted under Sweeney's trap door.
Left to do now is the skirting board in the parlour room which I cant do properly uintil the walls are all put permanently into place so I can see where the floor line meets the skirting properly.
I then have more tearing of paper, splattering of 'blood' in the meat room, the trap door to mark out in the attic room, and some stained glass window for the dividing door.
Not too much really, all little things, then the real fun of dressing begins!!
Oh before that Ive decided to tile the back wall of the Meat Pie Shop below, and put in dado rail. the tiling will all be done with cut up cereal boxes, painted in shades of cream and green to go on the back wall. Now that could take a while!

But its getting there. I need to tile the wall while i have better access to it then John can glue and tack all the walls into place so its safe.
My razor set came today which I will modify by adding real bristles to the brush. The jug and bowl was way to big. Why do people list things as 1 12th scale when its so much bigger! Still Ill fins a place for it on a wooden box or crate somewhere in the room so it wont be wasted until I find the perfect size set. The lamp came and although a little chunkier than I wanted till 'do!'
Dear Julie has so kindly offered to make me Perellis arm in my chest, so it will be professionally done which Im thrilled to bits about. So now I have to set about finishing the decoration of the actual chest and Im all set!
Please remember all the rooms are meant to be looking this dingy and grubby, she was a poor Victorian and although she'll have some decent furniture in her parlour etc, her house /shop was in a state of disrepair as her business was not doing so good............ until those gents come by for a 'shave' of course and she can start improving the taste of her pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ara said...

Kate, all the wall papers are just perfect!!!! They are very dingy Victorian! I am so jealous you are getting past the walls... I am still stuck on getting the walls done in the Mini-mansion! Ugh -ara

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Ara, Im Soooo impatient, i just want to tack and glue them all in and start filling it, but I know if I do Ill find I cant get into the house easily to do the finishing touches so im having to be good and its driving me mad! the only downfall with the house is where to put it, as its not a 'pretty ' house so with all that grundgy paper and dirty brickwork its not the nicest of finishes to show off! maybe it will go in our room with the Haunted house and keep the pretty ones downstairs so friends wont think Im complety sick!!lol xxxx

Ara said...

Haha - I am afraid I am going to have the same issue with the Addams Family Mansion! Its gonna be a little dark for the dining room!

Kim said...

I am so in love with this house and I have not seen the movie! I am thinking I must rent it. I think it looks so great so far- and who really cares if people think you are completely sick- who likes to be boring and sane anyhow? I would actually find you and Ara both more interesting and fun if I visited your home and saw your dollhouses rather than visit a home that looks like it came from a a magazine.

I cannot wait to see the blood spattered walls!!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Welcome any time Kim!!! Its a fab movie, you must rent it! it was a bit of a shock for hubby when we got it, it being a musical, but the gore made up for it on his part. Me, I love the music, bought the soundtrack, sing it everywhere! The movie is very dark, and well, if you dont like it.........theres always Johnny Depp to stare at, thats got to be worth watching it for on its own!!! Glad you like the house, its a really great one to be working on, such a change lol xx

Marsha said...

Oh, oh, it's coming to life . . . how exciting!!


julie campbell said...

I am just loving watching this progress kate,it looks just fab so far :0) I think its so much more fun doing dirty dingy effects than it is trying to do neat !
I have a 40's terraced street and when I ever get some free time I will be making the attic into a haunted bar room over the pub with lots of dirt and old barrels and ghostly drinkers, I cant wait !
julie :0)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I too think the papers are perfect and really like what you are doing!
Its going to be great!

Creepy_Creations said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see more pics!


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Marsha and Julie, thanks, Im getting itchy feet to do more, but the children only have 1 more week before school begins again so Im going to spend that with them....and maybe sneak in making some tiles and finishing the chest in the evenings as Im so into it now! Julie, that haunted pub room sounds cool, like the Harry Potter pub, all dark and grim!xx

Thanks Nikki and Jamie, Im moving the house indoors out of the workshed as its too cramped to work on now its so big so next week I can really set to work on it, so you should see more progress xx

Tallulah~Belle said...

Wow it is really coming on. Might not seem fast enough for you but you can really see the difference from looks fab.