Wednesday, 28 April 2010

You have to have a little Faith............!

...........That's what my Mum always says to me and so I thought, ok then, a' little Faith' I shall have!
And isn't she just wonderful! When I saw Debbie's recent posting on her Diagon Alley with her new ghost doll from Julie Campbell of Bella Belle dolls I fell in love with these beautiful soulful dolls!

Julie had listed one on ebay and I knew she was perfect for the haunted house.

Last year I bought this haunted dressing table from Julie, and Faith just had to be , as she fits into the haunted house story perfectly. As you can see in the picture its a sad story where Faith , herself a ghost is desperately reaching out to her Mother , who calls to her from the mirror!
Every night when my bedroom light goes out I say goodnight to them as they glow faintly in the dark and now they can at last be together!

With Kensington Dollshouse fair in a few weeks time, my tickets on the way, I was supposed to be saving for it, but plans go astray when you see such beautiful dolls, and lately part of my KDF savings have gone on 3 fabulous ones! So you have a treat of another 2 to see , and my way of looking at it is that if they were to have been on the shelf at KDF I would have bought them there anyway so this way I just got them ahead of time! That's my excuse anyway so now i just have to save frantically in the hope that i can add more new beautiful creations to our houses!

A Huge thank you to Julie for my little Faith, and as Julie says, she will now have to make a 'Charity' as Debbie has' Hope'!

So if she does, and you see her, grab her quickly , as these little child ghost dolls are just perfection!


Ascension said...

Que maravilla de muñecas!!!!
Te han quedado genial en la habitacion, me encanta!!!
No veas que realismo
besitos ascension

Janice said...

They are really beautiful Debbie, so evocative of the mood you want to create.
I have seen the haunted mirror and it is fabulous.

WendiesMiniWorld said...

They both look wonderful, they were definitely meant to be together & I think you did the right thing not waiting for KDF :o) I wish I was going there :o( but I think my 'I want' list is so long I would need to rob a bank to buy everything on the list!!

Tallulah Belle said...

I love Julies dolls any how but I think here ghostly ones are amazing. Soulful is a perfect word to describe them.

If you hadn't bought them now someone might have pipped oyu to the post at KDF so you did right :-)

The Old Maid said...

They are absolutely beautiful! You're lucky to own them!:) Julie makes sweet dolls!

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

In my family we have a saying, "If you like a thing you like it so much better". It doesn't actually make any sense, now I come to think of it, but we use it to mean, "If you fall in love with an object, better buy it if you can afford it!"

They're beautiful. Well done!

Debbie said...

Little "Faith" is lovely Kate. I Love my little Ghost "Hope". She has the most beautiful face. Julie really should make "Charity".
Bet your getting excited about going to KDF, we will all want a full Fair report when you get back. xxx

dale said...

Those dolls are amazing and they complete the scene perfectly.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I love them! Fantastic! I've seen her work before and it is fabulous.


Never Enough Time said...

The dolls look amazing. I especially like the haunted mirror. Have fun at the Kensington show.

Michelle's Mad World said...

Little Faith looks truly at home next to the haunted dressing table! They could have come as a set! They are both exquisite. ;o))

Hope your KDF tickets arrive soon! :o))

Michelle xxxx

julie campbell said...

Oh what lovely pics Kate,I love it so much that these two are together, I'm so glad you bought little Faith , she has found the perfect home now,
julie xxx