Monday, 8 June 2009

This is Sooo Much Fun!!!!!!

Well this is what minis should be all about.FUN!!!
I promise I wont bore you again with the progress of the roof but its so cool to do!
Normally its the exterior decoration I hate doing, and all the inside filling I love. I hated bricking the Sweeney house, just wouldnt go right, but funnily enough although i was dreading doing this, it is proving to be a blast!
How sad i am to be so easily pleased.
Today I cut out the dormer window template and roof template onto graph paper and then cut the pieces of thatch to match.
Dormer was a nightmare , needed us both to hold it on for a good while to stick into place.
Decided although the dormer is quite angular, that we'd make it covered in a rouunder way so that it looks more fairy like ( looks abit like the Hobbit house!!)
The pic at the bottom is while we were sticking it, and I also placed the larger piece of roof over to see what it looked like. Thats next to stick!

Why is it when you want to get on you cant find any materials to hand! We needed some mini clamps but couldnt find them so it was all hands on to pushing and holding it into place.
Run out of glue now and having depleted 'Halfords' of all their supplies need to go out tomorrow to get some from somewhere so we can stick the main roof down and also do the eaves. So annoying as I just want to finish it.
VERY messy, Very smelly, ( Im not following my own rules, working indoors, getting high on glue and getting the the fibre in my nose and throat, but what the heck, dont care cos its getting there!!)
John thinks it looks abit top heavy and the thatch does really take such a small cottage over and is quite overpowering but hoping once all trimmed up, and detailed it will look less so. Its going to have lots of vines, climbers and flowers on it.
Also I think once the base board with garden is on and the details of the flowers, pond? and other features that will balance it all out.
Well thats the plan!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and just realsied I have the chimney to stick on so good job I didnt stick down the roof yet as i need to make a hole and stick it to the wood, coming up from the outside chimney breast.


Mary said...

Roof progress isn't boring at all, I love it. This is what dollhouse and mini enthusiasts live for!!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Looks great so far and will be fab when its all done and the house is ready to fill.
I so, so so want a fairy house now.
Going to make a toadstool from papier mache.
I can understand why you are having fun.

The Ice Queen said...

I like the Hobbit look. Once you've totally finished and trimmed, I think you discover that it is the perfect look for a fairy house. Lucky you to have the almost perfect material on hand.


Creepy_Creations said...

Very cool! I love how it is looking!!


Debie Lyons said...

It looks great so far Kate and the other peeps are right mini making should be fun!
Debie xxx

MiniMadWoman said...

It's looking so good, Kate! Just what a thatched cottage should look like! Can't wait to see more progress! Keep up the good work!

Debbie said...

Its coming along beautifully Kate..Just been having a major catch up on everyone's blogs. Didn't realise I'd missed so much.. x

julie campbell said...

oh its looking soooooo good !
isnt it great when something is so much fun and turns out so fabulous !
julie xx

Jill said...

That roof is looking great! Thanks so much for showing how you did the roof-- I hope to try it someday, so your info is very useful! Not boring at all!

Jain Squires said...

The house is looking great. Glad you are having fun with it. Jain x

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Mary, glad its not boring the pants off everyone!! xx

Nikki, you MUST build a fairy house, I knew Id persuade you one day to go into fairies!! Its still rustic and so suits your style. looking forward to seeing hwat you come up with for fairy items!! xx

tabby, I still have half a mattress left, so can make another one !! xx

Hi Jamie, glad you like it!xx

Debie, First time Ive had fun doing the outside, usually bores me to tears! xx

Hi Teresa, hoping with all the finishing touches it will be very fairylike xx

Hi Deb, lovely to hear from yuo, wow , you will have some reading to do!! xx

Julie, yep, sure is, just frustrating not to have thge tools and materials to finish, got to go out in the rain now to buy more glue. Ill be high as a kite!! xx

Jill, you must try it, if you had an easy roof with no fiddly bits, it would be so easy. Even so, with the tricky bits its still fun to have a challenge like this. Im pleased with the way the material turned out as thatching xx

Hi Jain, off to have more fun now, trying to get it finished today if possible, more pics soon xx

MinisOnTheEdge said...

It's looking Great, Kate! I really love how your Aster Cottage is turning out!! ~ Tracy