Tuesday, 10 March 2009

........And to inspire Debbie some more!

My 'Witchy Hollow'

This shop is a Witches Hat/broomstick/potion etc shop. There is much to do, This is just a recent pic of it but I have lots to change. The floor is to be stained darker and the units inside to be made abit more aged, its too 'pretty' for witches at the moment. Saying that it is a shop for good and bad witches so not going to make it too old and shabby looking.
Inside are loads of hats and broomsticks all made by the fabulously talented Kat Hazleton, thankyou Kat, all her hats are amazing, infact im hoping to win more soon, (fingers crossed, Im usually unlucky on ebay!!) The shelf was made by Kat, and the curtain material was sent with one of my hats as a gift, shes so kind!
The outside is a temporary style, thats going to be changed too. It needs moss, more plants, signs over the door, a bird house, etc. Inside we have a shopping witch very posh in her leopard print and fur wrap! And in the corner if you click on the pic you can see the drunken Witch proprietor! Both the Witches are made by the wondeful Jane of 'Willowshimmer'. I love her witches and wizards.
Apparantly the inspiration for the drunken witch was Amy Whinehouse he he!
Also in the Back is a Halloween candy table made by the Extremly talented Christel Jensen. I couldnt not resist it on ebay!! So I begged to John and he bought it for me for a halloween pressie!
On the top of the house will eventually be a Witch's tea rooms. it was our daughter Lola's idea. When we said ' How are they supposed to get to it, the shop has no stairs' She looked at me and said with a sigh ' They are Witches mummy, they will fly there on their broomsticks'! The intelligence of a 6 year old!!
As you can see we have alot of shops and houses, My husband is a saint for putting up with me and I think thats why he thought if you cant beat them join them , with so many in the house, he had to eventually put his 2 penniesworth in and have a go!!


Debbie said...

Wow.. Great hat shop, I spy lots of Kat's Magical Hats.. Love the Drunk Witch she did give me a giggle..
Thanks for sharing and more inspiration..
Its a Hat Shop Next..

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Fantastic blog! Love your hat shop. I love the broom stand really cool! Also thank you for your lovely comments about my hats blush, blush ha ha!:-D. Look forward to seeing more of your work and lovely to see you on a blog page and that we match in designs great minds think alike!:-D LOL to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Judy C said...

Your work is wonderful.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Oh brillinat. Love everything and can't wait for you to do some more bits and bobs. I love the sign outside and all the pumpkins. Plus i love that table on the outside. I really love that table. Where did you get it from?
Nikki in love with everything.
I have a tree in the oven as only i could... lol

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Nikki, Just came across it on ebay.com, it was a one off unfortunatly, artisan made but cant remember by who? It is great isnt it, I like the idea of having outside things for sale for the witches to try on, have to be careful they dont scarper with them on their broomsticks though! Still lots of tweaking to do with this, and just realised half the flowers are missing on the sign, thats the little ones for you, and why most of the houses are upstairs in our room. This has sat on the dining table and looks like the mice have been at it! LOL xx