Monday, 16 March 2009

Practical Magic Pics

Ive just added this link for some great pics from the Practical Magic Film. I cant wait to have a go at the Spell book in more depth than I did it before with my table
The house they chose is beautiful, in fact, Greenleaf make a dollhouse kit very similar I think its called the Garfield. But I have to resist we have no more room!!
Check out the website, here's some pics I thought Debbie would enjoy with her ideas on creating Laboratory style tables.
And of course a pic of the wonderful house


Debbie said...

Just popped over and had a look at the site. Some really interesting pictures on there..
Thanks for sharing.

Katie's Clay Corner said...

That's just a beautiful house! It'd be fun to build....I could just imagine all the fun things that one could make! .....and don't forget to have Rosemary at the garden gate...gees, now I gotta go watch the movie and put my 'mini' thinking cap on. Funny, what you said about doing 'research' and 'taking notes'...I do the same thing...The kids get really mad when I pause it though!!

Glad you enjoyed the skateshop..there's more pictures back in the blog of it..boys are hard! You just have to take their favorite hobby and miniatize it!


Jodi said...

OK...this is one of my FAVORITE MOVIES of allll time...I watch it at least twice a matter the season...

Thanks so much for sharing those pics...


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Deb and Katie, there are so many fabulous movie stills here for inspiration. The rooms in the house are just the cosiest, I could imagine it all in miniature. Oooh Katie looks like another house or project on the horizon???
Jodi, me too! Come Halloween season out comes 'Hocus Pocus',' 'The Witches' etc, but this film I can watch over and over. Then end of October out come all the Christmassy films to get me in the mood! My dream is to visit the US at Christmas and go to all the big stores. I watch 'Serendipity' 'Falling In Love', all the soppy Xmas romances and dream of ice skating in the snow. LOL xx

Katie's Clay Corner said...

So, of course I had to watch Pratical Magic last night, and now my head's hurting from all the ideas....I just love the country kitchen! The attic would be neat to do, and so would Sally's beauty shop.......I'll put it on the list, lol....My bf is already fussing about how my crafts are overtaking the our trailer~ And I keep telling him, I just need a house! It would solve all the space issues, don't ya think. lol!!!

You say your dream is to visit the US durning the holidays....and mine is to be able to return to Wales....but not just for the holidays, but for good. I miss the simple life~ I miss the british culture! I miss my Lion bars!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Im going to watch it again now too!The bit when she runs into town to meet her true love....and then when shes trying to find the bug chirping. oh so good, love it!
my sister lives near Wales, right in the middle of nowhere in a huge house, not fair, Id love that too, just to have space.
Yum Lion Bars, Id miss them too!!LOL xx