Saturday, 14 March 2009

Minis inspired by Some of Our Favourite Films

A while ago I made a Hocus Pocus Spell book. Inspired by that brilliant Disney film, ( dont you just love Bette midler ! ) I made all of the spell pages and then a leather bound book cover with roving eye and the stitched skin effect. The clasp was a skeletons hand .
This year Im going to go one step further and make the book cover in fimo so it will be easier to make the skin effect, the eye and snake detailing, and will endeavour to make the bookstand as well.

Then next on the list will be the spell book from 'Practical Magic' ooooh i love that film too!

Here's thre practical Magic table I made last year.


Kat The Hat Lady said...

That's Spooky I just bought that film from Morrisons!!!!!!!!!
I have also just bought Practical Magic too my goodness that is funny ha ha ha! I love both of those films and even though I am supposed not to be spending my money I couldn't resist ha ha ha! Blog looks great!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Good taste Kat!!! Love any films like this. We were all glued to Nanny Mc Phee last night on tv, John loves that film. I just love the house in 'Practical magic', oh to live somewhere like that with a huge kitchen and conservatory full of spell ingredients.
Hocus Pocus will give you loads of ideas for witchy minis!The candleabras and cauldrons are to die for :-)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

...What a beautiful book!!

oh and Pratical Magic is one of my favorites, too; I even have the soundtrack! of our cat's is named Hocus..Her sister's name was Pocus...It is a cute movie, huh!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Its a great film isnt it, I have the soundtrack too, such mellow music! Wouldnt you love to live in a house like that!Dont know if youve seen this website but it is so great, it has all images, settings, fashion, etc from the film!, youll love it!
Kate xx