Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Morning everyone, Here are some more pics of the Haunted House interior.

The lounge area is quite dark so I brightened it up with a deep purple dinig set, I sprayed the chairs and gold leafed them, then made a table out of a piece of Purple Agate for the table top and a plant base sprayed in crackle paints for the table foor.Add Image
In the corner is a brilliant fireplace made by gerry Welch which lights up with a skeleton behind the back, so he shines through in a spooky red light.

The Kitchen is quite tiny but I have 2 rooms for kitchen areas in this house. Most of the things in this are made by myself and Liz McFern who made me the cauldron and hanging head!

The Bedroom is my favourite. Called the 'Medusa Room' it is snake themed. The bedroom furniture was purchased from ebay , its a fabulous gothic set you buy as a kit. Liz made me the Medusa head for the top, and then I nabbed lots of our son Reilly's toy snakes to put on the furniture, and made the bedding. Again I used brighter colours. In a haunted house everyone tends to stick to black and brown and it can look abit bland so some colour makes it more vibrant.....but thats my opinion. The plant by Liz is called 'Ezmerelda'


Debbie said...

Love the Medusa theme for the Bedroom.

MiniKat said...

The dining set is brilliant! I love the floors in these rooms as well.

Katie said...

Oh! That is a neat bed!! Thanks for the eye-candy!! :)