Monday, 9 March 2009


Here it is the new blog, showing off both old and new mini projects. All the badgering has paid off and from now whenever we get a moment we will be either working on something new or posting pics of existing shops and houses that we have worked on.
Hope you enjoy it and hope we can fathom out what to do! here's the first pic of our haunted house, made by the magnificent Gerry Welch, this is Kate's pride and Joy, her house on the Hill. a bit like the Psycho house, but full of all different themed rooms.
There is the Vampire Study, Witches kitchen , Medusa snake themed bedroom etc, will show individual pics as we go.

Just to let you know what else is coming:-

The Candy shop, Witches hat shop ( Witchy Hollow) , The American Diner and Ice cream parlour, The Hair and Beauty Salon. And new projects include the Sweeeny Todd/ Mrs Lovett Pie Chop, The Scientists Lab, and The wildly exciting Harry Potter themed 'castle'



Debbie said...

Yeah, so pleased you've decided to join us in the blogoshere. Really looking forward to having a good nose around.
Mini Hugs

Tallulah~Belle said...

Welcome John and Kate.

That house is just amazing.


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks everyone, welcome all, how exciting to see followers already thanks to Nikki and Deb for advertising us! John has had to go out for the evening so when he comes back it will be exciting to show him all the new followers! Have fun here and we look forward to joining your blogs too!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Welcome to Blog Land! I'm excitied to see the inside of Kate's house on a hill! And all of your other great projects. I've heard lots of great things about you 2!!!


Jean Day said...

Everything is fantastic, so pleased you have a blog, Cheers, Jean

Vicky Guile said...

Cooooeee Kate and John! hope you are both doing great! I can't wait to see more pics...oooh sooo exciting! How is the ST house doing?

oodles of hugs to you both, Vicky x

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Vicky, Hi there, I cant wait to show the Sweeney shop on here, I love it so much . Going slow of course what with us both being like silly kids over this new project, but it will be great as i can show off your wonderful minis you made for me, as I have sneaked afew into the HP house while the other is waiting for me to get a move on! And hope to add more of your fabulous minis into this project too. Hugs back Kate & John xx

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Oh my goodness ! I love that house ! Wonderfully done ! Great colours !!!Can´t wait to see more !
Greetings from Germany, Silke

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Welcome kate at long last lovely to see you on your very own blog page. I will put a link on mine for you xxxxxxxxx.
P.S I have always loved this house please add some inside shots I would love to see them.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Will do! You know I have been so lazy and unmotivated with my houses lately, so Im hoping everyones desire to see more will make me get into things again! Need to give the haunted house a spring clean, being open backed its SOOO dusty! Hmmm job for John :-) Then I can get clicking and posting . LOl Kate xxxxxxxxx