Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Exciting New Labels!

How exciting, I contacted a lovely lady a few weeks ago about her fabulous labels that she sells on etsy. Just fell in love with them, They are just wonderful witchy themed aged looking labels but I really wanted them in mini size for making up jars in the haunted house.
So I contacted Angie and she agreed to give it a go and she has just contacted me to say they are ready to go and she is sending me a trial set to see what i think and give her any thoughts on them. If she likes them and they work well on the jars she should be selling them on etsy!
Cant wait , check out her etsy store anyway as her full size jars are heavenly if you have any old jars lying about, or you can even buy them ready fillled!

Kate xx


Debbie said...

They look fantastic. I hope the mini ones turn out well. Let us all know if they do.

TreeFeathers said...

Those are beautiful, can't wait to see the mini versions!

- Grace

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I cant wait for them to come, as soon as they do Ill be showing them off, need to buy more jars now, we have used all ours up!
Kate xx

Jodi said...

Those labels are WONDERFUL...I made up some of my own for wine bottles etc... but I love the herbs and potions... hope the mini ones turn out terrific
Thanks for sharing her ETSY Site