Saturday, 14 March 2009

WOW 2 Awards in One Day, thanks so much! Jodi from
awarded us the Sisterhood award, woohoo, John likes to be one of the sisters!! Thanks Jodi, it means alot coming from such a magnificent artiste!
With this award I have to nomiante 10 people for the award :-
Firstly to Debbie, now Im pretty sure i can award this to you Deb, as i know youve had it before but thats allowed isnt it? Debbie has been incredible in sorting out my blog, helping us out with minis for our house, and deserves this sisterhood award so much .So the first award goes to Debbie at

To Kat, who is a dear friend, always helpful ,always sending me magnificent links ,finds, ideas and bits and bobs from her craft boxes for projects as well as sending the children lots of dr who pics and info! What a sister figure she is!!
To Nikki, for all her help and kindness Nikki has shown to John in his beginnings into miniatures ,she has been fantastic with all her links she sends, tips and tutorials, and now we have set up the blog, she continuse to do so with us both.Where would we be without her!
TO Vikki at as she is a great new friend who is always so kind and far too generous!!! Vikki is always so helpful and we Love her work and her chatty emails!!
And the rest are just to amazing ladies whos miniatures we admire so much and are such great inspirations and 'Sisters' to the miniature world
This fabulous blog which I cant wait for more from !

and last but not least another lovely blog, and i admire this lady so much as she can find the time and enthusiasm to create such lovely minis when she has such important life issue to cope with.

A deserved award for everyone, long may our sistehood continue!!

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