Thursday, 12 March 2009


We are so lucky to know so many wonderful miniaturists, all who have different specialitys, and all wonderful at their art forms.
So as we didnt have the blog set up until recently heres another HUGE thankyou to Vicky Guile for her amazing Miniatures that she made me for my Sweeney Todd / Mrs Lovett Pie Shop Project.
Last year I bought this house, an absolute bargain on ebay , it is a Sid Cooke house with front and side opening. I emailed the people to ask if they deliver and they kindly sent it courier but unfortunatly the house basically fell to bits in transit, as it had only been tacked into place.
Still it worked out better for me as now I can take all the panels off to brick it and decorate inside and out.
I couldnt wait to get going on the house last year and when Kat sent me a link to Vickys blog and I saw her Mrs Lovett Pie counter I just had to contact her.
She very very kindly made me a similar counter at my budget and heres the pics, isnt it just breathtaking!
As usual I have the counter and goodies and no house finished to put them in....yet.
The house has sat for a while as with family health issues I havnt had the time or motivation to make a good start until recently, but now I am really looking forward to making it all happen! As i have John to help out with the HP house we can work together to make these new projects happen.

I am going to keep the bottom of the house a deep green but dirty it up and then use brick stencils and compound for the outside, and again dirty up.
I have also bought some fantastic minis for a dresser for the pie shop from Vicky which will sit in the HP kitchen unitl the other house gets put together again.
So here is the counter, so beautifully made, with all its goodies, and some pics of the pie shop as it should be and the Barbers as it will be hopefully.....minus Johnny Depp unfortunatly!!!
Kate xx
If you havnt seen the film I highly recommend it, but it is a musical!! Click on my link to see some great clips from it! And ...well if you dont like Musicals, at least it has eye candy Johnny Depp in it!!!

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Debbie said...

Vicky is not only very talented but a really lovely lady.. Love the counter..