Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Kreativ Blog Award

THANKYOU!! Marsha from http://sassyminidolls.blogspot.com/ for our Kreativ Blog award, it is very much appreciated.
We'd like to award this to all of the fantastic blogs we follow, and to thank everyone for all your captivating blogs, they are such a great read, and we look forward to turning on the computer each day just to catch up on everyone's projects, interests and lives.
Here are 7 things we love, ( other than of course, goes without saying , each other and our wonderful children and friends)

1. Lying in bed listening to the rain when its pouring down.
2. Playing in the snow, dosnt happen often enough
3. Staying in a hotel !! Love luxury
4.Grabbing A Kentucky on the way back from horrid food shopping, cheers us up!
5. Christmas Eve, love that anticipation and excitment in the air, you can smell it!!
6. Days out to Brighton, walking the Lanes and stopping at the Cookie Bar for a double chocolate and a latte!
7. That moment when the children knock on the door and are back from school eagerly running in for their biscuit and pink milkshakes!!......about to happen any time now!!
Everyone have fun thinking of your 7 loves!

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