Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Yipee The Dead Spider Labels Have arrived!!!!

The Postman arrived today with The Labels From Angie from 'DeadSpider' !! All the Way from Canada! THANKYOU ANGIE THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

At first panic set in as the envelope was in a Royal Mail plastic bag with an apology sticker for the items having being tampered with, so I thought we'd lost the contents! But despite the envelope having been carefully opened both top and bottom , with what looks like a letter opener, the contents were all in tact! I Suppose the intruder thought it would be money not mini labels in there !!
So straight to work as although I want to keep some by to make some really good contents for them, I wanted to show off at least a few!. I mean I cant wait to make ' Goblin Toes', Fledgling Fingers' and ' Deadly Quiet Instant Darkness'!!!!!!!!!!
The labels come on a sheet, Angie had so kindly sent me 20 different labels!
I experimented by cutting out 3 just immediatly around the black lines, the other 2 I left a border of the stained paper around the edge and then used my insence stick to gently singe around this to give it an aged appearance. Just to see which effect I liked best.

So here's 5 diifferent items, and as you can see, they fit beautifully on all different size jars from the tiniest to bigger sizes. And you dont just have to stick to jars, I found some wood turnings, bowls etc and have made my 'Dead Spiders' label fit on this nicely ( contents still to be made!!) I used a Pritt stick but the stronger one they do to stick them, and then a stronger UHU glue to stick on the 'rafia' style thread to the top to make the jars look like mini versions of The full size jars that Angie makes.
So hope you'll all agree they look pretty FAB!! We are really pleased with them and will be making a special potion cupboard for them, will show you what we have for inspiration for this later.
All our other fabulous jars that Nikki made for John will be on the tall potion shelves, the fireplace and on the desks being used for potion making. So loads of them still to show off to you.
THANKYOU Angie for all your help and making them for us, we think they are wonderful and like you said in your letter, you could even make a few in a slightly bigger size also as there are such an array of jar sizes for minis out there.
We hope Angie gets lots of sales of these, so many that she has to think up more ingredients to add to the range :-) hopefully they will be on her Etsy site soon, here's the link again for you.


Jodi said...

Kate they look absolutely happy there was no mishap with the post...unlike mini samplings of 'perfume' bottles my mother had sent to this address...8 total, half empty from broken or loosened lids... the 'smell' hangs heavy still in our neighborhood!!

Love what you have done with the labels...


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Arnt they brill! Trouble is Im now really tempted to order the set of full size ones and start collecting jars and things to put them on, eek Ill have no money left :-)
Kate xx

Debbie said...

Great Labels Kate & John. Is she going to be selling the miniature size ones now..

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Debbie, I emailed Angie to say I think they are perfect, she wanted some feedback before putting them on her site. She may even sell some jars made up with contents too! So watch this space.

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hahaha...the things people get exicted over...Dead Spider Labels...hahaha! They are really cool! She should sell them....they'd be a big hit!!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Katie ,I think the Postman think us quite mad as we grab him if he has any sign of a parcel cos we know its miniatures!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeadSpider said...

So glad they have arrived, and very happy to hear you like them Katie!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Wow they are fab :-)

You do realistic now you've probably given her the mini bug :-)

You lot are making me want to make witchy plants now lol.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

We LOVE them! Oooh yes Jayne please make witchy plants!!! We are going to have a conservatory on the Potter house so will need lots of wierd things in it
We are going to have a go at your tutorial too to make some shelves for the potions to go on :-)

MiniKat said...

The labels are fantastic! I think the artist will be getting more inquiries soon.