Thursday, 26 March 2009

Check out this great modern Dollshouse

Hi Everyone, I just found this lovely dollshouse. Im not a lover particularly of modern houses but do like the Art Deco period so this took my eye. It is quite a 30's style exterior wise and it could be decorate as such inside although the website, does show it with very modern furniture. They are a new company and are planning on more designs so one to keep an eye on i think.
Looks quite impressive, but I got a very firm 'NO!!! MORE ' from John when I showed him it :-(

Finished the stencilling only to realise that there is a part of the roof on the Sid Cooke shop that joins in with the exterior of the house so should really be bricked!! AHHHHH, think I will have to resort to painting it instead as I dont want to spend more money on more compound for such a small area.
John was quite impresssed this morning, he came in from yet another trip up from emptying the shed, to find the shop front ive been working on this morning.
Im keeping the green that you can see it in the older posting, but have put a black paint wash all over it, so now all the cream mouldings are a muddy colour and its caught nicely in the recesses to make it look old and tatty. Will then dry brush black onto the detailing further .
Have to wait for a dry day to spray all the plastic windows black.
Off to dry brush paint the doors etc
Oh, and does anyone know of a nice large flower print wallpaer ? I need a green based paper with large flowers for the Victorian Parlour room.
I have chosen a stripe which Im tea staining for the Barber shop attic room. The downstairs is
going to be 2 shades of dirty green, with panelling and wood strips, so the only room left to sort is the parlour. Finding it hard to find a large flower print. Any ideas welcome,
Have a great day
As soon as the shed is emptied and John has some time to help me We'll be back to the potter house to work on the potion room walls and bookshelves/ desks, but for now as Im on my own, going to try and get some of the Sweeney house done.


Debbie said...

Kate try the free printable sites, there's loads. I've got loads of free printable sites on my Tiny Treasures link page. Try Jim's printables he has wallpapers on there:-

MiniKat said...

After you get some headway on one of your current projects, you could always try getting a new dollhouse the way I did.

Design and build (or have built) a piece of actual furniture that will hold a miniature scene. Currently I have matched pairs of nightstands and lamps. The television stand is next on my list.

I have pictures of the furniture up on my blog from my Wednesday post if you would like to see them.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks Deb, found the site i had forgotten about and they have a whole section on Victorian which is good. Kat, Ill check out your blog, what a cool idea! John will kill me making another project when we have so many undone, but thats the fun of it isnt it!!