Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Thanks for everyone's kind words yesterday, have got over the nasty shock and now are waiting for the police to tell us the progress on taking out criminal proceedings on our neighbours. All the rest of our neighbours are wonderful, they say you always get one lot !! ( well we have 2 lots that live next door to each other but they are all related hence why so much trouble!!)

So anyway, trying to keep busy inbetween tearing down whats left of the shed and fencing, so yesterday started on the stencilling for the Sweeney house.
I dont know if anyone else has used the compounds and stencils from Bromley Products. Im not sure if i like them or not at the moment. I think it must be that there is a definate 'knack' to doing it, as Ive found despite following all the instructions, using spray mount to stick the stencil so it dosnt move etc, the compund still leaks under the stencil so you lose the 'lines' where the mortar should be.
Its come out ok in places, patchy in others. Im only pleased that as its supposed to be a bit of a rotten, dark, dingy Victorian building so it dosnt matter about it being perfect brickwork!
If it was a modern property Id be cross as it would look too scruffy, but as from the film pics, the building is almost black brickwork because of the London Smog effects, I am going to be going over all the reddish brickwork with a black paint sponged on anyway.
Has anyone else used this product. I guess the more you use it the better you become at it, but I have 3 more walls to do, and cant say its a job Im looking forward too, and I hate that as you lose motivation in the project!
Roll on decorating the inside and filling it up, thats my favourite bit!
If I get stresssed with the walls I may have a go tissue rendering the potion room walls instead, that seems alot easier!

Heres the pics of one wall painted, then the stencil applied with brick compound applied. The front Wall stencilled, then black painted roughly sponged on, still have lots to do on it.


Debbie said...

Kate & John you may be putting to much of the compound on at a time, and as its wet it could be lifting the Stencil, allowing the compound underneath. Try using a scrap bit of wood and trying the stencil out on that first, using less of the mix and see how it comes out.

Tallulah~Belle said...

I have heard both good and bad reports about this...not much in the middle...people seem to either love it or hate it.

I have been toying with buying some but paperclay is just so easy...and looks a lot less messy :-)