Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Update on the Sweeney House

Here is it, the update on the progress made this week on the Sweeney house.
All the inside walls are decorated. The Pie shop bottom floor was painted in a dark green then dry brushed with a lighter green and then I bought dark wood colour panelling for the bottom which was painted again in the 2 shades of green.
The next floor up is the Victorian Parlour room, you cant see the other walls yet, but the other side will be a smaller room where the bodys from Sweenys barber shop will drop from the hidden trap door into this room where Mrs Lovett will then mince up the body parts for her delicious pies!!!! This room is done in a gold printed paper again all dingy and dirty with areas which are made to look like blood has been scrubbed from the walls and another wall with fresh blood splatters on it.........nice eh!!
The top floor is the attic, didnt buy enough paper and now have to go all the way to the shop I got it from over an hours drive to buy one more piece!!!
As you can see all the walls have ripped paper, all faded and worn looking as if youve seen the film, its a poor and run down property. Still have the side walls and front to dirty up more, and the shop front part is nearly there. Just have to decide on gold transfer lettering or using a gold pen if my hand is steady enough to write in the 'Mrs Lovetts Pies Shop' sign above the double doors.
Exciting though as just the floors to floorboard, skirting to go in, and then last but not least the paperclay tiled Pie shop floor, and the outside pavement which will be done in egg carton boxes , have been dying to try out that method on something!
Im so glad this shop/house dosnt need lighting as they had candlelight, gas light back then!!
I have learnt alot from this, my main lesson is to label things!! I bought the shop from ebay and had to remove all the outside mouldings and idiot that i am, i didnt label anything and now cant fathom out where the mouldings go on each wall so have just guessedl!! Not sure where to strart putting it all together , not sure if the floors have to go in before I tack/glue in the side walls together either, so this could be fun!
Any suggestions welcome, but hope you like it so far.


Debbie said...

Love what you've done.

Jodi said...

Love what you have done with the place...beginning to look wonderfully dark and filled with mischief and mayhem!

Great Job!!!!


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Sure you not making the Rovers Return... lol.
Kidding, please forgive me!
It's looking fantastic and bet you're both pleased so far. You must both have the patience of God.
Love it!

Anonymous said...

It's looking great!

MiniKat said...

Very excited to see more! The trapdoor sounds intriguing.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks everyone, it needs to be alot dirtier yet but Im going to wait til its up so I can get a good look at the rooms and then start peeling paper, spattering paint etc. have gone by the film and the movie guide book I have for the wallpapers and colours ive used.Got to get john to try and cut a whole in the attic floor and mock up a trap door somehow !!

Vicky Guile said...

oooOOH!!! It's looking sooOOO GOOooOD!!! Can't wait to see it all finished!!! :oD xxx