Friday, 27 March 2009

Congratulations Kat on your lovely articles

Morning everyone, firstly thankyou all for your great advice on my paperclay issue!!
Went shopping this morning and bought Dolls House World Magazine and in it is an article on paperclay stone walls, which is great too, so another help when we decide to tackle the outside walls of the Potter House and rip off that cheap paper!!!

Also in the magazine is not one, but 2 articles by Kat Hazleton , so well done Kat! The first is how to make lovely Easter bonnets and the second on a Vampire Hunter hat and box which is really cool! Sorry havnt got a scanner to take pics of them but check them out in Mays issue out now, its a really good read this month and also some good freebies of parchment paper and 'Myth and legend' book pages great for all our book projects.
Right off to work to try and spray the Sweeney Windows before it rains, and then start testing the wallpapers .
Have a few hours before Im dragged off to the school disco tonight !! Have a great day all of you xxx


MiniKat said...

Hmm... perhaps the current issue might be found this evening. I will have to go searching for it. There is one retailer that carries it, and it's 30 miles away.

Tallulah~Belle said...

Well done Kat !

How lucky about the paperclay article.

School remember those days - have fun :-)

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Thank you Kate! I am totally surprised I am in it twice ha ha ha! I had forgotten about the hat making one ha ha ha! I haven't even got a copy yet so I hope it's ok ha ha! Debbie's has kindly scanned the pages and popped them on her blog page. I am off out to hunt down a copy or two!