Tuesday, 24 March 2009

My Beautiful Mother's Day Pressies!

Hi Everyone, sorry we havnt been around much the last few days, we went to see my Mum who has been ill, for Mother's Day and then after al ovely weekend got back home Sunday night only to be woken at just gone 11pm with our bedroom illuminated, to look out and see our entire back fence and shed ablaze! The idiot neighbours we have suffered with for 6 years ( they have night long loud parties , have been raided for drugs, have fights at all hours etc.....nice people, NOT!!!) had decided to have a bonfire at that time of night 2 feet away from our brushwood fence and so the whole lot went up in flames!
They say its an accident, but at that time of night, both us, the police and fire service , ( we had 6 firemen trouping through the house with ladders etc !)are saying it was a deliberate criminal act.We have to give the police a statement today again with the hope that something can be done about them and the harrasment they are causing!
SO, after a day of recovery, her's some pics for you this morning.
My wonderful husband bought me loads of goodies for Mother's Day, far too much, but Im not complaining!!
The eldest children bought me a Harry Potter Box set, which is a fantastic 12 DVD set, in a great antique look trunk. it has loads of extra features so we can browse though and get loads of ideas for the rooms, accessories etc to use in the Potter House, what a great idea!!
I also got my 3 brilliant books from Petite Properties which are going to be so useful as they tell you how to make furniture out of basic materials, great as im useless with wood so its ideal for me!!
The books are fab, loads of ideas already, going to use them to help make the potion tables, shelving, kitchen sink, and much more.
I need to make 2 brick bread ovens for the Lovett Pie shop Project at some point so Ill be off to Hobbycraft to buy clay and use Fionas tips on making them.
We have been really pondering what to use for the walls in the potion room which are at present a loud blue! I couldnt see how to give a stone efffect as the walls slope both sides so tricky to get too. But this book gives a wonderful rendering teqhnique using the simplest idea of glue and shredded tissue paper. We will then paint it a stone colour so it has a rough stony appearance.....well thats the plan!
The next picture shows the amazing minis John bought me from Eve at Evminiatures. Great books, one closes with a magic wand, the other has a cut out centre for a potion bottle. Then a great wizard glass which colour changes, and my favourite, a hanging orrery for Dumbledore's study!!
Cant wait to get them all in, they are exactly the sort of items we want to fill up the house.
So as you can see, with a teddy, CD, and Flowers too I was totally and utterly spoilt!! More than made up for a terrible night Sunday, and giving me lots to keep my mind off the horrid everyday reality of life by immersing ourselves in our passion which is miniatures!
Hope you like all the goodies


Debbie said...

Oh Kate, not the shed you use for your Miniature Making? Love the Harry Potter boxed set of DVD's. Really like the book with the Potion bottle in and the Orrery is fantastic.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Debbie, no the shed at the bottom of the garden had the kids bikes , paddling pools, loads of johns car bits etc in. But also lots of camping stuff, gas bottles etc so the fire brigade ripped the back off to stop anything igniting!! So we will have to rip this one down. My shed is at the top of the garden, but like the fireman said, if we hadnt been there, or not been in bed we wouldnt have noticed it and the whole brushwood fence coming up the sides and up to my work shed would have all gone up! Dosnt bear thinking about! Glad you like the minis, they are cheering me up!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

p.s forgot to say if anyone is interested the box set is on offer on Amazon, usually over £70, but its about £43, which is great for 12 DVD's, the lovely box, postcards etc. Easter is coming!!!!!More fun than an egg!

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

I hope something can be done about your neighbors. Thankfully no one was hurt. What wonderful presents! I LOVE EVminiatures!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

WOW! I bet that made for an interesting night. I can't even imagine! Don't know wether to crack a joke...or send you a big hug!

Love the minis.....

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Katie, hmmm John would have liked to have cracked a few heads, not sure about jokes :-) A big hug would be nice thanks! Never had a housefull of firemen before, our 4 year old thought it was great fun!

MiniKat said...

So glad no one was hurt during the fire. I hope everything smooths out, especially your nerves.

Lovely presents all around. I have to wait until May over here to see what toys I might get. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh..there is nothing worse than horrible neighbors! Sorry to hear about the fire :(
But...wonderful presents that you received :)

Jean Day said...

So sorry about your fire, very disheartening! Love your gifts.

Tallulah~Belle said...

Oh my......what a nightmare. Glad no on was hurt. Hopefully you'll be rid of them soon.

Lovely pressies though.....I didn't realize it was Mothers Day in England this week...it is later in the year here..I'm in trouble !

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hope the fire problem gets sorted. Fell sorry for you with bad and stupid neighbours.
Love all your miniatures for mothers day too! Beautiful!

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Oh dear, what bad news to read about your neighbours. I hope you are all well !!! Love your blog and your houses so much !Take care on you !