Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Books For Mother's Day!!

Godd Morning Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks To Nikki putting about Petite Properties on her blog last night I checked out the website and found these wonderful books on making miniatures. Although it is in 1 24th scale, ( believe it or not I have only 1 house in that scale!) Fiona emailed me to say how to apply the measurements etc to 1 12th scale which was really helpful.

I loved the shabby chic look and the kitchen book looked really helpful for the kitchen, would love to try the sink.

Anyway, I asked John if he had bought me anything yet for Mother's day, and he said he had damn it! So I put on my best sulky face ( Im good at those !!) and he said ' Go On then , order them'. So I have another pressie, he he!!

Here is the link to the website i thought the houses were amazing and extremly reasonable.
They are at Miniatura i think so if you are lucky enough to go , check them out. Bet you come back with the books Nikki!!
Cant wait to get them and will let you all know what they are like and will get to work on some projects.
John is pleased as it means not so much woodwork for him too :-)
Oh and Fiona ( Bea) said to say come and say hi to her at her stand , she'd love to meet you. What a lovely Lady!
Have a great day

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nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I shall have a look for the book at the show. Sounds interesting!