Monday, 16 March 2009

On Top Of the Houses!

Not getting any inspiration today as to what to start next. The walls of the potion room are annoying us, not sure what to do with them, and John has measured for the Dumbledore study bookcases, drawn a plan, ( wants to incorporate some kind of fireplace in the centre of floor to ceiling bookcases!) and then scrapped it half a dozen times. Must be a Monday thing!

So instead for the mo here's a couple of pics of the miniatures we have on top of the houses.
On top of the Harry Potter house is this fantastic Time Machine which I won on ebay some years ago , made by the guy who made the haunted house, it is really stunning. Didnt know what to do with it really but now its the perfect place, as any Wizard not too hot at Apparating or using Time Turners can always use this to get where they want to be!

The other pic is of the haunted hearse i made myself for the top of the haunted house. The back of the house which faces our bed has a flat roof which looked so bare so now i have put several things up there, and this is one. The skeleton driver is sitting behind the 3 headed dog, and pulls a hearse decorated with skull candles, and carrying a small skull adorned coffin with the hint of the passenger sticking his arm out!! The dog has the poor deceased's head in his teeth, he must have got to the coffin before they set off for the graveyard and found himself a snack for the journey!! Not a great pic sorry, need a new camera!!


Debbie said...

LOL love the hearse bring pulled by the dogs. The time machine is great.

Katie's Clay Corner said...

That Time machine chair is really really cool!!!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Oh wow....that time machine is too cool.