Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Wonderful Family Hobby

I Love the way miniatures is such a wonderful hobby for all our family.
I am lucky in that John has always showed an interest, and found it quite fascinating . When we went to pick up My haunted house he took one look at it and said ' Nope your not having it, I am!!' he loved it so much. In fact Gerry was selling another Tudor house at the time with a beautiful bow window shop front and if we had had the money he would have actually bought that for himself! He really appreciates the artistes and the amount of work that goes into miniatures which is great.
The children all have their own houses, Emily my eldest at 16 has a few, here is a pic of the bridal room box I made her 2 Christmas's ago. Notice I left the dress rail empty. Thats because she is studying Fashion Design and her dream when she leaves University is to design bridal gowns so what better way to start than to make them in mini first :-)
The other house is Lola's pride and joy. ( she is 6) Yet another ebay find, under £50 for this 3 storey, 6 room American dollshouse. Most children Lola's age have chunky wooden furniture but shes had 'adult' minis from when she was 4, as she knows how to look after them.
This Christmas I have 2 houses to decorate for my stepdaughters. One a fairy house, the other a Tim Burton style 'Nightmare before Christmas' House, which will be fun. Heres a few things I made last year , and she has been begging me ever since to make a whole themed house in this style!
Even the boys have made hats for the ladieswear house, and sweets for the candy shop!
They love to decorate Kat the Hat's plain hats .


Jodi said...

How Wonderful to share such a great hobby with family... and I see that someone is intrested in 'Nightmare' Goodies...MY absolute PASSION!!!

Have a great Sunday


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Jodi. oh yes ours too! Love Tim Burton anyway, hence doing a Sweeney house, but our other fav is Nightmare befire Christmas. I made those candies last halloween and now Im planning a whole house ( just al littel one mind!) for Halloween Jack!
Enjoy your Sunday too Kate xx

MiniKat said...

How wonderful that your whole family gets into the hobby. My husband is tolerant of the projects everywhere. No children yet though. Maybe in the next year or two.